Kitts Camp is in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

It is in a fantastic location for camping

and enjoys the best weather conditions in the UK

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It’s beautiful!

If the point of camping is to visit a beautiful part of the countryside and stay in a rural, unspoilt campsite, then that is exactly what Kitts offers. There is no road noise, the stars shine brightly and you are more likely to be disturbed by the hooting of Owls than anything that the 21st Century can throw at you!

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It’s really convenient!

easy to get to kitts

We love the remote areas of the UK, but  for  sheer convenience, camping in Sussex makes an awful lot of sense. Being in such an accessible location means that getting to us is not only cheaper, but it is much faster too. That’s lower travel costs, less time for in-car arguments and more time for camping.

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We have the best weather!

great weather

Others may gnash their teeth at this claim, but our part of Sussex enjoys a combination of warmer temperatures, less rainfall, lower wind speeds and more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the UK (Met Office Stats!). Of course, no-one can guarantee the weather, but you may as well be where chances are best!

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Check availability first!

Please don’t forget to check availability before completing a booking form. Our policy is to limit the numbers of visitors that we have at any one time, so that everyone has plenty of space. It therefore makes no sense for us to allow day visitors to visit the site without our express permission.

Please Check Availability by completing the on-line form

Once that is confirmed, book your camping by completing the on-line booking form

We can be contacted on 07733 103309, but you are likely to receive a quicker answer via the website.

Campfires and Hot Showers – in the rural heart of the Sussex Countryside

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